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Exotic Holiday Rentals

Overview is the leading holiday rentals website in Northern Europe, Northern America and as well as Australia, reaching to more then 5 million travelers every quarter of the year, We are the fastest growing website in the world, with all types of properties for travelers.

Fastest Growing Company

We are based in United Kingdom, We are receiving many travelers across the world, Let us help you find the travelers from Australia, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway & USA. Giving the perfect travelers We get the perfect travelers for our property owners; Australians are one of the perfect guests with high incomes and travel a lot to abroad.

We do things differently

As per ExoticHolidayRentals policy we spend a larger portion of your subscription fee on marketing your property to reach more than 25 million guests.

We refer travelers to the property owners and we do not charge any commission for the bookings. We give you a premium advert for an annual fee, you set your own payment policy and accept the payment preferred by you.

Target Market

Would you not like to reach more guests from Northern Europe, UK, Australia and Northern America? Our stat shows that people from these countries travel more abroad for holiday, and most of them stay for longer duration, as the people from these countries are the highest income group.

We have been reaching to millions of traveler;Let us help you to find guests from these countries.

Where our guests travel to?

While Europe is most popular and it has a lot to offer in tourism. Our travelers also love to explore as nowadays Asia is one of the most visited Continent after Europe, United states, Austrialia etc.

Our travelers also look for ski destination, city holiday, luxury destination and special deals areas.

Guests from all sources

More than 35% of our guests arrive on exoticholidayrentals from search engines, meaning that travellers are searching for your destination.

Below is the chart depicting our traffic from different sources in Percentage.


Text Message Alerts With Reminder on your phone

While searching for a holiday property, Guests enquiries many properties. In fact, our research shows that the faster you respond to a new enquiry, you’re more likely to secure that booking.

And yes you are not always near to your computer, “So” to secure your bookings, we’ve created SMS alerts.

Every time a guest makes an enquiry you’ll get a message on your phone, so that you can call the guest immediately.

But yet you may be busy in your daily schedules, So if you miss a call from a guest, We’ll remind you about that enquiry after couple of hours with details of the guests

Social Media Promotions

Nowadays Social Media is one of the quickest way to connect anyone across the world, And we have a Huge number of people who likes us on Facebook and follow us on twitter, we have realized its one of the fastest way to attract the travelers across the world, Guests can even search a property through our Facebook page and share it with many people who are connected with them.

Our stats shows that maximum exposure of a property converts maximum bookings so feel free to be part of our Social Network with many people around the world.


Get 50 inquiries in one year or get an additional one year Free of cost.


I needed a source that could be trusted who commands the whole listing process, there are many websites in the market, and it is really hard to trust any website, “As others” ExoticHolidayRentals called me one day taking about many benefits but in the beginning it was really hard for me to decide but with their sales skill I finally decided to give a try, Now I rent my home 3 to 4 times a year very easily.
I have 3 homes in heart of Greece (Athens’s), I stay in my properties for couple of weeks in whole year for my personal reasons, but rest it was available to rent for holiday, I tried many websites where I paid upfront but it dint work out, I was also sent an email by ExoticHolidayRentals to try their services, But It was difficult for me to pay any other website for upfront, but they made a deal to me with their special offer which I thought could be worth trying them, So I gave a try, Now thankfully I have been renting my properties very well, and not only that I get support always for managing my adverts
Well I have a property which I rent but that is my secondary priority, No time to take care of booking calendar, I needed a website which could help me to manage and market my property and take care of everything, I was contacted by many websites but they were not able to fulfill my need, I was also contacted by ExoticHolidayRentals, But since their policy is just to provide you travelers it wasn’t sufficient enough for me, But they helped me to find a Property manager in my local area and Now I do not do anything but to enjoy the booking.
I wanted to rent my property as possible as I can because I stay far away from the place, and when I am not there it’s not been used, Just been recently contacted by ExoticHolidayRentals, Who manages everything me, and I love their service so far.